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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Stormtrackers Club the same as the Booster Club?
No. They are two separate groups. Both, of course, support the Canes, but they have a different focus. The Stormtrackers is a business and civic luncheon club for fans of the Canes and hockey generally. The Booster Club more closely resembles a traditional fan club, meeting in the evening, publishing a newsletter, etc.

Do the Stormtrackers and Boosters Club ever work together?
Yes. From time to time, the Stormtrackers and Boosters engage in joint projects. In addition, many people are members of both groups. 

What’s the relationship between the Canes organization and the Stormtrackers? 
The Stormtrackers are part of the Canes family. The Canes management has supported us from the very start, by regularly speaking at our meetings, helping us obtain speakers from outside the Canes organization, providing us memorabilia for our raffles, and in innumerable other ways.

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